Refund of loss on investments

Are you a victim of fraud or a broker does not return the money ?

We will get justice from the broker under international law and return your money in a short time. Guaranteed method — — ChargebackSystem©

Payment systems through which you can return money

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We take the case on "turnkey" basis

Priority service times

We work with all payment systems in the world

Officially 10 years on the global stage

Regulated terms of service

Experience with any lost funds

Real time informational value

Record number of successful cases in the CIS and abroad

A huge number of international partner banks

International specialists and their experience

Investigative and operational team to identify strong evidence of violations by the broker

The company consists of specialists in the fields of law, economics, banking, and computer technology.

The refund is real,

but you need a team of professionals
A whole team is working on your application. Do not forget that your broker-fraud has lawyers and other people who will try to keep the misappropriated money. Accordingly, this procedure cannot be performed single-handedly. We recommend that you immediately contact professionals from Global Charge to familiarize yourself with the case and draw up a work plan. This is a security of a guaranteed refund with the help of our specialists.

We help customers all over the world.

Financial markets, exchanges, brokers

Financial markets, exchanges, brokers should be as honest with the client as possible and have mutual understanding with him. Due to the current situation in the world, with the development of technology, such a concept as personal safety of the client and the safety of his investments is in great doubt. [...] [...]

History of the CHARGEBACK procedure creation

In order to understand all the nuances of the chargeback procedure, you need to delve into the history of how this operation came to be. As we all know, banks, financial markets, exchanges, and other similar institutions, in their contemporary forms, were born in the United States of America. [...]

Internet fraud and how not to be deceived by it.

First and foremost, you need to take the fact, that the Internet is not only a means of getting information, visiting social networks or watching cinematography, but also simply not a safe environment, for granted. [...]

All the truth about Chargeback

Many people wrongly think, that chargeback is a special service that a bank is ready to provide them with at any given moment. But in fact, it is far from the actual truth. [...]

There is hope!

We will help you get justice. .